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Social Media Profile Management

Social media is quickly becoming the fastest and most effective way to get free traffic. Also, the search engines are paying more attention to what is being said about your site on the different social networks. It's vital to use these outlets to their maximum potential, increasing your online business. This includes sharing all of your blogs to your social media sites, connecting with people, businesses, blogs and social media profiles in your business's chosen niche communities. Evolved Ideas social media packages continually update your various pages, giving potential customers a reason to visit your site and eventually fill out a bid request or sign up for the newsletter.

  • Share, retweet, favorite and interact with niche community posts.
  • Update selected social media profiles with original content one to three times per day.
  • Use multimedia provided by client.
  • Online, build your selected niche network by following local profiles within specific communities.
  • Research and follow 250 Portland niche-specific social media profiles.
License duration: 
2 592 000
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