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The Beginnings

In 2007, Austen Jones founded Evolved Ideas primarily as an experimental blog and social media site, but quickly turned it into a website design and development firm. Austen got hooked creating his first website and taught himself to operate the most popular open source CMSs on the market. Well versed in the top three, Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress, Austen has been building and managing clients’ websites for seven years. Each client comes to Evolved Ideas with different challenges and problems based upon the size and scope of their business. Over the years, this diverse group of clients has given Evolved Ideas a unique perspective, revealing the rewards of working with businesses from a variety of industries.

Save Time and Money while Increasing Sales and Productivity

The mission of Evolved Ideas is to help organizations utilize technological solutions to save time and money while increasing sales and productivity. In order to do this we must gain an understanding of each business and its operations. We look at all angles: the website, the marketing plan, payment processing, CRM software, business automation solutions, and lastly the organizations communication infrastructure and policies. Once we are able to map out the operations of an organization, Evolved Ideas will present an analysis of current strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas. The next step is create a plan of action that will streamline technology to match the clients business model. What is best for one client’s situation is not always the best for another, so it is our goal to develop a lasting relationship with our clients in order to understand their growing needs.

Coming Full Circle

The experience and wisdom gained from building websites for a variety of clients enhanced Evolved Ideas' already unique perspective. When it comes to the inner workings and operations of any organization, we look at the business holistically, bringing us to our current business model with an encompassing attitude towards our client relationships.

Client Relationships

We work with organizations in all stages of growth, from start-ups, established family businesses, corporate companies to small businesses and nonprofits. It is our belief that everything from the basic IT essentials of an office to the online presence of your website and marketing are dependent upon making the right decisions from the ground level up. When you become a client of Evolved Ideas, we make it our responsibility to make sure that every technological part of your business is saving time and money while increasing sales and productivity. We will make sure that your company is not wasting any resources when it comes to purchasing new software, hardware and marketing. Evolved Ideas strives to ensure everything possible is done to make your business smoother and more effective. We will be working hard to keep your business current on any developing or new opportunities that can increase the functionality and efficiency of your current business model. Evolved Ideas makes it our responsibility to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology.

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We bring you a collaboration of creative skills, designs, marketing, coding, technology and business.

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Sales / Marketing

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Founder -- CEO

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